Solitary Confinement is Torture. #HALTSolitary

Truth Pharm is calling on Governor Cuomo to revise his proposed regulations to include all provisions written in the HALT Solitary Confinement Act, S. 1623 / A.2500 or to get it passed and sign it into law to end the torture of prolonged solitary confinement in New York State.

Solitary Confinement is considered to be a form of psychological torture, with measureable long-term physical affects, especially when used for a period of over two weeks, or indefinitely. 

In fact, the United Nations has gone so far as to ban the practice for use for periods of  longer than 15 days. New York State should be no different, and more than that, they should be leading the way in alternative forms of behavior modification.

There are scores of other options available, from revocation of privileges, extra duty, to extension of sentences. Segregation is nothing more than an inhumane practice, used primarily to make things easier for those who work in our jails and prisons. Certainly not for those forced to live in them.

And we know this because another thing being left out of your proposed regulations is mandatory transparency and independent oversight. It begs the question: What’s being hidden here?

The HALT Solitary Confinement Act calls for rectifying that detail as well.

The regulations should adopt all of the provisions of the HALT Solitary Confinement Act, including:

  • Ban all forms of solitary beyond 15 days for all people and prevent cycling in and out of solitary
  • Ban all solitary for people most harmed by solitary (including young people and people with mental health needs)
  • Require real program-based alternatives that are more humane and effective, with meaningful out-of-cell human contact and programs
  • Restrict the criteria that can result in any separation in prisons and jails to the most serious conduct
  • Provide greater procedural protections, staff training, mandatory reporting, and independent oversight

Take action and sign on to the letter here!


Drive For Change

Truth Pharm is pleased to announce it’s first annual Drive For Change golf tournament! Along with the tournament itself, we will have live music, basket raffles, door prizes, and a dinner to follow.

Registration begins at 12 p.m.

Cost per team: $350.00 (4)
Individuals: $90.00
Team Skins: $20.00 per team
Includes – Greens Fee, Cart, Snacks, Dinner, Mulligan, and Entertainment.

Dinner for Non-Golfers: $30 each.

Sign your teams up here:

Want to spring for a sponsorship? Do that here:

Paying by check can also be arranged.

All proceeds will go to raising awareness, reducing the stigma, educating the public and advocating for change to end the overdose health care crisis.


Mapping Our Lost Loved Ones – a Note from Jeremiah Lindemann a Rainmaker in Colorado


If you are visiting this page you are probably well aware of the Opioid Crisis that is happening in our Country. It is effecting far too many families. It effected me too- I lost my little brother J.T. J.T. was the most charming person you would ever meet and could light up any room with laughter. He was my best man at my wedding and many people considered him their  best friend.  He became addicted to powerful painkiller called OxyContin. Before 2007 I had no idea what OxyContin was. After hearing many more stories similar to my brother’s on the news I decided to become involved.

In my daytime job I am a geographer that works for Esri- the leading mapping software company.  I wanted to apply those skills and technologies to help get the word out. There is a definite stigma about people who use drugs. This storymap “Celebrating Lost Loved Ones” shows a very small sample of people who have been lost to the epidemic. Their picture has a bio with details about what made them special.

The map is embedded here on TruthPharm:

Here is the form to submit your loved one:

Memorial Submissions

The Lost Loved Ones map started roughly a year ago and now has over 150 contributions, really a tiny fraction of what is occurring.  However, it illustrates that this problem is happening everywhere, to really great people.  More mapping is being done around the epidemic as well and can be found in this gallery:


Some of the other maps are demographic maps that look at deaths by county, states that have Prescription Drop Off Locations, where Naloxone was used to save a life, and where over-prescribing is taking place that will likely lead to more problems.

Maps are a great communication tool – I hope you find them useful in helping get the word out about this epidemic to help drive more change.   Thank you TruthPharm for all that you are doing!

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