PAARI Through Truth Pharm

The Gloucester Model and enacting the “Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative” (PAARI) through Truth Pharm

Description: The Gloucester Police Department enacted a program on June 1, 2015 to allow any opioid addicted person to go to the police station and ask for help towards recovery without fear of arrest. They may bring whatever drugs or paraphernalia they have with them, which the police will properly dispose of. They are assigned a volunteer worker (they call an Angel) who assists them in the process of obtaining the help they need. A police officer is assigned to the participant, detox or a treatment facility is located and the officer takes the person directly to treatment. The goals of the program are to reduce the number of overdoses, deaths due to overdoses, and criminal activity associated with supporting addiction ultimately reducing costs by reducing jail sentences and recidivism rates.

Truth Pharm: Truth Pharm is making a concerted effort to assist police departments in enacting the program.

Truth Pharm can assist with the following:

  • Present the program to your police department and other departments in your area.
  • Provide awareness training to officers.
  • Outline and develop a customized program with your input.
  • Suggest or write social media posts to gain support of the program.
  • Write press releases and/or host press conferences.
  • Meet with providers and agencies in your district to gain support.
  • Develop your Angel program or train an agency that may take over the program.
  • Provide training for the volunteers.
  • Assist in logistics, planning, team building and organization of the program.
  • Troubleshoot problems that arise.

Truth Pharm’s Pooled Efforts:

  • Touch base with medical care providers, detox centers and rehab facilities to partner.
  • Fundraising and grant writing.
  • Social promotions for all departments who develop a program.
  • Work in your community to raise awareness, reduce stigma and develop other programs to lessen the impacts of the epidemic.

Action Items:

  • Sign on with PAARI and issue press release.
  • Post personalized message regarding commitment to PAARI and planned date of implementation.
  • Work with area agencies and service providers to determine who will handle Angel volunteer program.
  • Work with area agencies and service providers to determine where the participant will wait to be transported to treatment.
  • Develop and personalize your program.
  • Train officers.
  • Announce start of program.