Corporate Training


Truth Pharm can provide an array of services in this ever changing climate where your employees may be required to interact with or service persons who have Substance Use Disorders (SUD), may be suffering from it themselves or may be under stress due to a family member’s SUD.

We believe raising awareness, reducing the stigma and increasing access to services will have a great impact not only on this addiction epidemic, but on your business. Responding appropriately to this epidemic can reduce the stress on your employees and lessen the financial impact your business may face.

The following is a sampling of services:

Epidemic Awareness. Many employers, groups, associations or organizations like to have a presentation that provides an overview of the opioid epidemic, the statistics, what went wrong and where things stand today. This is a good program to simply raise awareness and reduce stigma.

Sensitivity training. We can educate your employees in a way that raises their awareness and increases their empathy towards people who suffer from SUD. We have multiple trainers with various backgrounds including medical, police, legal and psychological who tailor the presentation to suit your industry.

Develop workplace drug policies. Our goal is to create a program that allows a point of entry to services for your employees and encourages honesty. The programs we implement reduce the likelihood that employees will hide their issues from you.

Recognizing the signs. This training provides your employees with an education of the signs of substance use or substance use disorders. This is a training suitable for those who may work in a high risk population or simply for your own personnel staff to be able to recognize issues you may have with your own work force. We also address the best way to approach someone you may be concerned about.

The Science of Addiction. This training provides the science of addiction in an easy way to understand and shows the power of addiction.

Developing a safe hiring practice for persons in recovery or with a criminal record. This program gives you the language, tools and policies that will help you give people a second chance. Many people who have suffered from SUD have a difficult time finding their way back into the workforce. We can help you develop programs that make your environment safer for them and less risky for you.

Developing a sober workplace. Many employers are surprised to learn they may have a high rate of employees suffering from SUD. The restaurant industry is an example of an industry with a high rate of substance use. Some employers may want to develop a sober environment. We can teach you how to create a sober environment without losing your workforce or having to implement expensive drug testing programs.

Developing a supportive and empathetic workforce. With the percentage of people suffering from substance use disorders in the United States, it is likely that 10% of your workforce is suffering with another 10% having a family member who is suffering. We help you develop ways to create a safe and supportive work environment which will reduce workplace stress and lost time from work.

Naloxone trainings. Naloxone is a medication that reverses the effects of an opioid overdose (from narcotic painkillers or heroin). Overdoses can occur anywhere, in your employee lounge, your parking lot, or in your public restroom. Additionally, many of your employees may have a family member struggling with SUD. Give them the training and tool to save a life.