Carmen’s Post: Today is my half-birthday

4/22/16: Today is my half-birthday. My six month mark in my journey of recovery. It’s the adventure I’ve always dreamed about only I never looked at it this way before.

I started from nothing and left everything I know and love to take on a quest of saving someone I had only hoped was still there. I’ve fought demons and monsters inside of me I’ve been alone and scared, I’ve lost a loved one along the way, I’ve been so low at times I feel like I barely dragged my body on, I’ve been faced with life changing decisions and based on my new found knowledge I chose the right paths, and I’ve chosen the wrong ones but was able to turn around and start over. I’ve made allies and I’ve trusted enemies but every time I’ve learned and I kept fighting.

I trusted in my faith and it led me to the place I’ve been searching for. To the girl I’ve been searching for.

I don’t know if there is a happy ending to this story because for once I’m enjoying the happy beginning.

Thank you to all of my supporters, my family, and my friends. No hero ever got by without some help along the way. To you all I am grateful.

Painted by Carmen’s mom, Laura: I was inspired by the Hope Rising and Phoenix theme, enough to paint from my imagination, which I can rarely do. It’s still in progress, but strangely, it looks like Carmen. I just sent her a picture of it and told her she is my Phoenix and that I’m truly inspired by her commitment to her sobriety.

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