Upstate New York Voters – ACTION NEEDED ASAP!

Upstate NY voters. If you were outraged enough to do something about the Saturday Night Live “Heroin AM” Skit, I hope you’ll feel the same about enacting change in New York Legislation that will actually help families.

Senator Seward thinks enough changes were made last year in New York legislation to help the epidemic that he feels we should WAIT AND SEE the impacts of those changes before we enact new insurance legislation to help.

Senator Seward’s District is in Upstate, NY – Oneonta, Cooperstown, Norwich, Cortland (see map here:

Senator Seward does NOT feel it is necessary to move the 90 day bill forward. This is the MOST important bill in New York State legislation currently to help families and those addicted – a bill that would REQUIRE insurers to ‪#‎Payfor90days‬.

What do you think of a WAIT and SEE approach??

We NEED your help. We need ALL of his voters to call his offices, write his office and email and tell him we need help, we need it now and SPECIFICALLY ask him to PUT BILL S6478A ON THE INSURANCE COMMITTEE SCHEDULE.

You can even easily call any of his offices and schedule a visit with him – sit across the table from him and tell him what you or your family member has gone through in trying to obtain treatment. When we told him that people’s length in treatment is being controlled by insurance companies – he was surprised and said he’s certain the changes they made last year are having an impact on that problem. We have not seen the improvements.

He thinks people are getting long enough stays in treatment and he doesn’t think insurance companies are controlling how long a person receives treatment for. Please let him know what your families have gone through!

He is the chair of the insurance committee and he gets to decide if the bill moves forward or not simply by deciding to or not to put it on the schedule. He told us when we visited him that he had NO intention of putting it on the schedule, that he would rather WAIT AND SEE if the changes they made last year help people ‘enough’ before enacting legislation such as this.

If you don’t want to visit him, send him an email, call him, just please, let him know, we NEED THAT BILL ON THE SCHEDULE!

Here is his contact information. Please let us know if you took action. We NEED your help.

41 South Main Street
Oneonta , NY 13820
Phone: (607) 432-5524

4030 West Road
Cortland , NY 13045
Phone: (607) 758-9005

235 North Prospect Street
Herkimer , NY 13350
Phone: (315) 866-1632

172 State Street
Room 430, Capitol
Albany , NY 12247
Phone: (518) 455-3131

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