Our Meeting with Donna Lupardo

On January 29th, we met with Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo to discuss Truth Pharm’s efforts and some of the items we are hoping she could help us with.

The document we took is below.

The summary of our discussion:

  • She is aware the problem is becoming significant in upstate New York.
  • One of the issues for her as a lawmaker is that downstate lawmakers are not as ‘excited’ about this topic because it is something they have had an issue with for a long time with little support from upstate lawmakers. Downstate deaths have not increased at the alarming rate that ours have.
  • She suggested we continue reaching out to upstate lawmakers.
  • She understands now how much the issue of addiction affects the committee she chairs Committee on Children and Families.
  • She offered to provide us with names of leaders we should see on our advocacy days (and she kept our word by already sending those to us).
  • She suggested treatment access bills will be easier to get passed in the Assembly than criminalization which is excellent because we believe treatment must be the focus.
  • She offered to discuss our topics and concerns with members she will be meeting with.

We look forward to having an excellent working relationship with our Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo!


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